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JAMES IZZO, President

James is a the Managing Principal of the company. He serves as the chief executive responsible for all activities that take place within the 1220 Group.

With more than twenty years of experience in the real estate industry, James has successfully completed numerous development and construction projects throughout the United States. His activities in the industry over the years have helped create landmark projects for many different groups. The various types of projects he has worked on include residential, commercial, retail, restaurant, hospitality, entertainment and healthcare. His responsibilities have ranged from planning efforts to managing the project through to completion of construction.

While working with different development and construction groups he successfully completed several master planned residential communities in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland of over 3,000 housing units. The product types ranged from traditional single family to multi-family attached. These projects totaled approximately $300 million of development costs and were completed in the 1980's. In addition to working on these residential communities, James was responsible for the development and construction of a number of office projects in the suburban and downtown Washington D.C. area that totaled approximately $150 million in development expenditures. The design of these residential and office projects have earned several industry awards for innovative technology, use of space and community/quality of life enhancement.

James also has years of experience in different commercial product types in the Southern and Northern California area. This accomplishment includes an impressive portfolio of projects in landmark high-rise, low-rise and unique single user buildings in excess of $1 billion in development expenditures. Some of these projects have earned a host of real estate awards in the past decade. His responsibilities of these projects included managing the planning and design process as well as overseeing the completion of all construction activities and coordinating the efforts to move tenants in as scheduled and open these projects to the general public.

In addition, to his impressive portfolio of real estate projects, James has been responsible for financially repositioning over $1 billion of real estate equity and debt in the past 10 years. Of notable significance is the restructuring of the real estate financing for the landmark Pacific Design Center and LA Mart in Los Angeles and a host of office and hotel projects in Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington, DC. Through his involvement, the transactions maximized the potential returns and value for the investors and financial institutions alike.

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